Earning Geek Cred

Yes, I have this t-shirt.. and have actually worn it a few times! Sometimes it is a healthy thing to begin your week by laughing at yourself. In that vein I offer you a few funny items from
a list of 15 things you can do to earn geek cred:
  • Give the Vulcan live long and prosper sign
    - I have been able since the original show.
  • Make a geeky fashion statement
    - The t-shirt.. need more proof?
  • Take a geeky vacation
    - My wife wouldn't do it.
  • Read and watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    - Have seen them all.. just once though.
  • Read at least one comic book
    - Have not read one in a while.. but I do read geeky blogs.
  • Take up a geeky hobby
    - Don't ask me about my preoccupation with computers.
  • Be ready to defend your choice of OS
    - Ask me about UNIX sometime.
  • Explain a geeky topic to a non-geek
    - Ask me about UNIX sometime.
  • Know your geek vocab words
    - I have been speaking geek since the 70s.
So how much of a geek are you? Care to share? Might get you some Geek Cred.


  1. According to your list, I don't qualify.

    My limited knowledge is post, publish, check my email, check my fb.
    Google any pictures I need, or medical advice.

    Bob either you or the Geek Squad at Best Buy does my technical thinking and doing.

    Love your Tee Shirt....

  2. I can do the Vulcan sign. I've read the Lord of the Rings, and have watched the movies twice each, and I have the special edition DVDs of the first two.

    I've also read the Silmarillion (sp?) by Tolkein, as well as some of his other stories.


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