The Geek Squad vs God Squad Debate

Midweek at my Week of Geek brings us a report from a weird article titled
Where Do You Stand On The Geek Squad vs. God Squad Debate?
For at least two years, a priest in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, had been rolling the streets of his town in a VW Beetle with the words "God Squad" stenciled on its door in a design reminiscent of the logo seen on Best Buy's Geek Squad vehicles. Now the priest's car is unadorned after the retail chain got wind of his wheels and issued a cease and desist order. To avoid running afoul of Best Buy's legal team, the priest removed the logo.
I gotta say that this just seems like a case of corporate bullying. I mean really, does anyone support the steal-from-the-geek-poor-and-give-to-the-corporate-rich guys? Those incompetents are not even members of Chuck's Nerd Herd. I vote to let him keep the decal.

What would you do if you were Best Buy? Would you fight them to keep the decal?


  1. The Geek Squad at Best Buy has been extremely helpful to me, BUT.... I don't agree with them on this one...

    Let the priest have his decal...fixing the computer, and fixing the heart... I think it would be a good match!

  2. Funny, the God Squad idea has been around since at least the early '70s. Best Buy needs to get off its high horse and refrain from involving itself in such inane pettiness.

  3. I think Best Buy should have let it go and got realized that in a way it was free publicity. Its not like there was a whole crew of them all over the U.S., just one priest being creative.


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