Cheesy Cyber Honking

I know that you have gotten these emails for a number of years.. you know.. those ones that end with bossy statements like:
  • If you are a real Christian then you will forward this message to everyone in your contact list.
  • If your love America then you must stand against evil.. and forward this message to everyone you know.
  • If you want to be blessed then you must forward this message back to the sender and to at least ten other people. And they must send it back to you!
These are fairly common and somewhat laughable versions of an electronic chain letter - you remember them.. warnings abounded about bad luck that would befall you if you broke the chain. The latest strain of this phenomenon has now spread to Facebook. It seems that every day I am reading something like:
  • Jesus is my Lord, my Strength, and my SAVIOR!! If you agree, press like!!!
  • Copy and paste this message in your status if you want to cure AIDS!!
I was thinking about this stuff and wondering about other forms of this phenomenon. Then I remembered the first instance of this that I probably encountered.

Honk if you love Jesus!

I can see that bumper sticker in my mind's eye and.. lol.. I am honking away!


  1. Yeh, I'm honking in my head too. Never went for the bumper stickers or clicking to join those things. My heart may agree but I can't stand the clutter. I don't want to be brow-beaten into anything . Hate the guit trips.

  2. Exactly! I'm a Christian, but have an intense dislike for chain letters, especially those that use guilt-tripping, and misuse God's name in order to get people to switch brains off and pass virals on. Just because I'm a Christian doesn't give any hoaxter the right to try pushing me into doing something obnoxious. And I've seen so much backlash on the net coming from anti-Christians who are always screaming about Christians passing on chain letters, including hoaxes, which are untrue, and that make Christians look bad and give the haters all kinds of excuses to hate. I also feel abandoned by friends when they stop communicating with me and instead just want to forward stuff, especially pseudo-religious stuff. God doesn't work through chain letter hoaxes and I resent it when hoaxters and anti-Christians alike, are determined to stick God and Christianity down on the level with the Amy Bruce and the "Forward this to 25 people, hit alt4 and your true love will love you at midnight!" chain letter hoaxes.


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