Meet the How-To-Geek

The How-To-Geek is one of favorite geeky blogs. The Geek regularly posts interesting hints and tips for a variety of computerish topics. His how-tos cover a wide range of geeky topics from pretty straightforward tips about Windows 7 and Office to more advanced topics like tweaking operating systems like LINUX and UBUNTU. Here is a sampling of his geeky bloggings:
  • Desktop Fun: Final Fantasy 7 Wallpaper Collection
  • How to Give Facebook a Pink Theme Instead of Blue
  • How to Convert .flac Files into 192Kb MP3 Files
  • If Windows 7 Was Distributed on Floppy Disks
  • Send or Receive Emails in Gmail on Your Schedule With Boomerang
  • Beginner Geek: Scan Files for Viruses Before Using Them
  • How to Add Tabbed Documents to Microsoft Word
  • Secure Computing: Create Scheduled Scans With Spybot Search & Destroy
  • How to Reinstall Windows Media Player in Windows 7 to Solve Problems
I suggest that you subscribe to his site if you are interested in learning a bit about the geeky side of life.. or if you just want to search his site for answers to your geeky troubles.

And with that Geek Week comes to an end. I have enjoyed doing a themed week. Any themes that you might enjoy? Let me know and maybe I will do another theme week.

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