Barber or Stylist?

My recent move precipitated a search for someone to cut my gray locks. Reminds me of how my first wife Ellen cut my hair even before we were married and how I had to search for a barber when she went blind.

A hair stylist salon is just a block away from our loft and I would have tried them if their haircut was not $10 more than the barber shop just a few blocks further away - I really do like stylists better.. but enjoyed the cheaper barber experience and will probably go back. Even so Ann visited the stylist this week.

Do you get your hair cut or styled?


  1. Cut. I found a stylist that cuts men's hair for a flat $10.00. She did an excellent job that even my wife approved of. None of my friends laughed at it, so I will go back.

    She guarantees she will not raise the price on men. But she charges fairly steep for the women depending on what they want done and etc.

    I am happy to say stylist with a reasonable price. The Barbers in town want $15.00 +. Sorry guys, I like the striped poles but not for $15.00.

  2. @Gregg - $10 is a great price! $15 here at the barber and $25 at the stylist.


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