Blogging as a Business?

Just when you thought that it was safe to put an ad on your blog Philly wants to get in on the action. Consider this clip from a CNN Money article:
The weekly Philadelphia City Paper kicked off the kerfuffle with an article spotlighting several small-scale bloggers who were startled to receive letters from the city demanding that they shell out up to $300 for a license allowing them to operate a local business. One of the recipients had raked in a whopping profit of $11 over two years from his blog. ... That's how the Philly bloggers landed on the city's radar: Those who followed the law and reported their blog's revenue to the IRS triggered tripwires set up to find local businesses operating without licenses.
Now I do not have ads on any of my blogs but I am not in favor of antics like this one. I do think that the blogger needs to claim that $11 as income.. I guess.. do the advertisers report the costs? Anywho.. I think that the overwhelming (99%) percentage of bloggers are not small business owners and should not be subject to Philly-like fees.

What is your perspective on blog ads and Philly fees? Do you have them on your blog?


  1. I don't have ads. I figure I don't have enough readers to make them worth it. :)

  2. I don't have any ads and won't sel out to any. But to me this is unbeleivable how far government will reach to try to make or steal a buck to fund all their pork barrel projects.

    I, am not surprised.


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