Geeky Gadgets We Can't Live Without

Continuing todays Geek theme I give you 10 high-tech gadgets I can live without..
and my responses of course
  1. The most annoying techno-gadget ever, AKA the cell phone
    - Sometimes I long for the days when I had a simple cell (not smart) phone.
  2. Electronic leashes, AKA the pager
    - Anyone actually wear those things anymore?
  3. Slower-than-your-desktop-computer computers, AKA the laptop
    - Laptops are plenty fast for me.
  4. Virtual spies, AKA the Web cam
    - I think that mine is off.
  5. Undercover agents, AKA RFID chips
    - Scary what the article says about them.
  6. Wandering vacuums, AKA the Roomba
    - Reminds me of a funny SNL skit.
  7. Alice in Wonderland books, AKA the e-book reader
    - I am bending on this one. Maybe next years when HP does one?
  8. Make-believe baseball, AKA virtual sports
    - I do not have a Wii.
  9. The embarrasser, AKA the speakerphone
    - Brings back many memories of Corporate America.
  10. Please excuse my typos keyboard, AKA the virtual or miniature keyboard
    - Cannot believe how much I use my itty bitty keyboard.
Check out why this guy feels that way.. and remember.. these are his thoughts not mine!
Any of these geeky gadgets that you would like to live without? Or can't live without?


  1. Did you happen to Google THX-1138? I remembered the movie coming out, though I was too young to watch it. :-)

  2. Good catch Kevin! I did not even see that reference in the cartoon.


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