Wind Power

According to this report wind turbines could generate power about 20 percent of the US electrical grid by 2030.

Now that is some hot air I can believe in :)


  1. Not sure if those are the wind things out here by me, but it looks like it. Whenever I drive out to the desert and see them in wonder if we will ever be able to use them....I hope so!

  2. The size scale of those turbines is amazing. There is one East of I-29 North of Kansas City. It didn't look THAT big till I saw one of the blades being hauled by a huge semi-trailer truck. Truely amazing. Someone told me they cost something like a million bucks each too. Dylan said it best I guess.. . "the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind".

  3. I reckon George W could fire up at least 12 of those turbines with hot air, he could power a small nation.


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