Vote for Cook


  1. We will be out of town, and not able to see the last show. I thinking that David Cook will win and be the next rocker ~~ David A. could certainly have a "crooner" album....I will have to see it on the news....Bummer!

  2. I will be at work when the action is on ... as it is every time :(
    And as much as I wanna close my eyes and my ears and not surf the net for fear of spoilers ... a huge part of me just wanna know.

    Either one has a chance -- but Cook will make it better as a career.

  3. Anyways, I really like that picture - both of them looking real good on that one. And Cook looking better and better as the season goes along. He's learning.

  4. This photo caption really caught my funnybone. Sort of like the old "I'm with stupid" tshirt used to make me laugh. Clever.
    My wife wants Cook and I want Archileta (sp).

  5. Wow! I was surprised that Cook won, but even more so by the margin. Way to go Kansas!


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