Cindy McCain: Private Citizen

5/25 Update: Well two weeks after she vowed to not release her taxes Cindy McCain revealed Friday that she had a total income of more than $6 million in 2006. I applaud her for doing so.. yet it is a smaller number than most of us thought she made. More info on this here.

5/11: According to this AP article
"Cindy McCain says she will never make her tax returns public even if her husband wins the White House and she becomes the first lady."
Here is her rationale:
"You know, my husband and I have been married 28 years and we have filed separate tax returns for 28 years. This is a privacy issue. My husband is the candidate."
What do you think about this idea of privacy? I don't care for it. I think that if you want to be the First Lady of this country you need to stretch a bit and reveal your sources of income and not hide - it is a trustability issue.. for Cindy and her husband. Just my opinion.. what's yours?


  1. Won't work. It looks like she's hiding something. Like it or not, she's an extension of McCain. If she's going to stand beside him, as a candidate, she needs to disclose just like the Clinton and the Obamas did. The media will eat him up with this one.

  2. Not sure Brian.. she has been getting a pass for years.. not sure why the media isn't jumping on this one right now.. maybe once the election is a bit closer?

  3. McCain's getting a free ride right now. As soon as the Democratic nominee is decided, the Obama folks will turn their attention to John McCain and will not allow the media to ignore this.

    There's no pressure like the pressure of a Presidential campaign. No one really cared about Cindy McCain's money when it was just Senator McCain. Presidential Candidate McCain will be held to a much higher standard.

  4. Im with you, you have to beable to trust.

  5. I agree with you too, Bob. This is a biggie! If she had nothing to hide she wouldn't think twice about it, its standard protocol right?

    So I guess I care less about where she gets her money than I do about the fact that she's holding something back. Not very First Ladylike!

  6. If she were a Dem she'd be toasted by the Reps. She should give them up before they are found and hit the press. They'll twist it and twist it hard.


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