Limbaugh's Operation Deception

I am adamantly opposed to Operation Chaos. It is sad that so many listen to a guy who seems to enjoy making a mockery of our political process. Limbaugh has deceived his listeners and has caused them to vote a lie. Where is the patriotism in that?


  1. Bob,

    What amazes me is Limbaugh listeners in Ohio were wiling to sign statements that they supported the Democratic party to cast their fraudulent votes.

    I am amazed that people who think they have high moral standards would do this. Illegal or not, it's certainly unethical.

  2. Is it unethical? How much of primaries and caucuses and the like are essentially a manipulative game?

    I wouldn't have done it, but I must say that they manipulated the manipulators quite effectively.

    Now, to do it in the actual election, THAT is definitely wrong. In my opinion.

  3. Everyone should cast their one vote hoping to influence the outcome. It does not seem fraudulent to me, that a group of like minded people would cast their votes in a strategic fashion. I once changed parties so I could cast a primary vote for one person, the person I expected would be most likely to lose to my preferred candidate in the general election. Was that fraud? Surely not.
    p.s. I think Limbaugh has sunk to Jerry Springer lows incidentally.


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