Prosecute Criminals, not Barbers

HOUMA, La. - Police in this town wouldn't cut a break for a barber who ran afoul of an obscure law barring him from working Sundays and Mondays.

Clyde Scott had opened his shop May 19 just to trim up a few students getting ready for their graduation ceremony when an officer gave him a citation.

A law on the books in Houma for decades bars barbers from working Sundays, Mondays, any of several holidays and even the day after Labor Day.

"I didn't know it existed," said Scott, 32, who has owned Clippas barbershop for about two years. "It's crazy."
District Attorney Joe Waitz Jr. won't be prosecuting the case. In fact, he's asking the parish council to repeal the law as unconstitutional.

"It's our job to prosecute criminals, not barbers," he said.

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What do you think about laws that prevent businesses from opening on certain days? Do you think that it may be a way to protect WalMart employees from having to work on Christmas?


  1. The only barber that should be prosecuted for anything is Sweeney Todd.

  2. Now that made me smile Stephanie :)


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