Blu-ray for $600

This low-end Pioneer brand player will go for $600 this summer - the more expensive one is $800. Anyone out there own a blu-ray player? Are they worth the investment? Are they better than HD-TV?

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  1. Yeah, Blu-Ray is better than HD-TV. HD-TV is usually 720p. Blu-Ray is 1080p. More pixels, smoother picture. Blu-Ray is amazing. But, I wouldn't buy Blu-Ray because it's better than HDTV. It's really so you can watch movies/concerts that you wouldn't have on TV, IMO. Now, if ou have access to a digital feed of HD movies, there might be a dilemma. But, I subscribe to Netflix and the Blu-Ray player was a great investment.

    BTW, that's an awfully expensive Blu-Ray player. I paid about $300-$350 for mine a few months ago. It's a low-end Sony.


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