Letter to Dennis Moore

Following is an email message that I sent to my US Congressman Dennis Moore in response to an email message that he sent to me about rising gas prices.
Thank you for your email message addressing the current oil crisis. I don't think that you are in agreement with me on this but I believe that you should be looking to enact legislation that will open up land in places like Alaska and our coastal areas that are currently off limits for the drilling of oil. Instead of thinking of ways to lecture us on the efficient usage of our automobiles (as you did in your email message) you should have been (over the last 10 years) working on legislation to free us from the grip of foreign oil.

I want you to know that I am disappointed that Congress seems to be so reactionary to this issue. Really, many of us hoped that things would be different when the democrtic party gained a majority in congress. Much seems to be just more of the same - no leadership on the deficit, Iraq, oil, health care, social security or about anything else.

Please change things.. please get past the rhetoric.. please work with republicans and others to solve these problems which are at a near-crisis state.
I may not get more than a form letter response but at least I voiced an opinion to one of our congressional leaders. Do you all get messages from your leaders? Do you ever respond? Not saying you should - just wondering.

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  1. Yes, I write them occasionally. I get form letter responses. Since I'm so liberal and I live in one of the most conservative congressional districts in the entire world, I don't think they pay much attention to me. But, I do write.


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