Idol Recap: Dreadful Dreadlocks

I like Jason Castro and featured him here a month or so ago when he did Daydream. That said I have to agree with Simon and say that he needs to pack his bags after last nights show.. I hope Syesha doesn't leave.. never know.. at this point it is more about popularity than anything.. but I'll be surprised if either of the Davids leave tonight.


  1. Totally unrelated to Idol, I tagged you on my blog for the Six Word Memoir Meme! Tag, you're it...

  2. I don't get the love for Jason. He's just not that good a singer/performer.

  3. I like him too - especially his earlier songs = Hallelujah and Over the Rainbow, but after that ... it's "Oh dear ..."

    He seemed happy to go - he kinda suddenly loosened up. How long has it been? Maybe he is thinking, if this is it, then I am not in for it, hence his apathy lately. But he is still a sweet kid.

  4. I would like to see Syisha win, but it will more likely be one of the Davids. Probably the younger one. This season was just not as fun to watch; at our house we preferred the past two seasons. Still we watch enthusiastically. We liked Jason very much and voted often. In the end, he just didn't step up and bring his special "vibe" to the songs.


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