VP Candidate Mitt Romney

In an obvious play for the Republican VP spot

Romney endorses McCain

Republican campaign dropout Mitt Romney has endorsed John McCain for the party's presidential nomination.

The former Massachusetts governor is also asking his national convention delegates to swing behind the likely nominee.

Romney says he is "honoured" to give McCain his full support. Romney was joined by McCain at his now-defunct headquarters.

"Even when the contest was close and our disagreements were debated, the calibre of the man was apparent," the former Massachusetts governor said, standing alongside his one-time rival at his now-defunct campaign's headquarters.


  1. I have to admit that this endorsement really surprised me, at least at this stage of the game. At the very least, I would have expected Romney to hold out until the convention and make a bigger splash closer to the time that a VP candidate is selected.

  2. Florida Romnney Supporter,
    I am only excited about the election if Romney is McCains VP.
    He would bring such quality to the ticket including his economic expertise , age and would attract conservatives to the ticket again.


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