Pro-Life Cinema

An excerpt from Christianity Today's

Choosing Life at the Movies:
From the church-friendly Bella to the raunchy Knocked Up, film after film depicted its main character facing an unplanned pregnancy and opting not for abortion, but for carrying the unborn child to term. Sometimes the mother kept the baby (Knocked Up, Waitress), and sometimes she gave the baby up for adoption (Bella, Juno, August Rush). But in each of these films, the mother, and sometimes the father, made a critical decision that was decidedly "pro-life."
I had not thought about "Knocked Up" as a pro-life movie.. an interesting take.


  1. Ya, that's true. I hadn't seen it that way either. But I do think we are beginning to see some fruit from the prayer and intercession movement surrounding abortion. Although the legal structures haven't changed, it seems that the culture is changing and people's hearts are changing (if the media is any indication). That's really good news!

  2. While this is technically true, abortion is never glorified in movies. In fact, it's rarely mentioned in movies at all. So I'm not sure that I can agree with this whole "Hollywood Goes Pro-Life" idea.

    I've seen all but Knocked Up and found the rest very redemptive and wonderful, nonetheless.


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