2008 Predictions: 4 misses so far

02/04: Giants won last night in a great game. It is not looking good for the rest of my predictions. Alas, what a poor pundit am I. L

01/30: Looks like I missed it on predictions #4 (at least half of it) #8 and #10.. I guess am just bad at this predicting stuff. More updates to come.. we will know about prediction #1 on Sunday night J

01/01: Internet Monk has Twelve 2008 Predictions.. here are a few:

1. Barak Obama will defeat Mitt Romney for President and evangelicals who refused to vote for Romney will be blamed.

5. Hillary Clinton will begin divorce proceedings against Bill.

7. The Patriots will lose the Super Bowl.
Go to his place to see the rest. Here are a few (fun) predictions of my own:
1. The Patriots will win the Super Bowl.

2. The KC Chiefs will miss the playoffs again and lose their GM.

3. Barak Obama will be the US Democratic VP candidate.

4. John Edwards will defeat Mitt Romney for US President.

5. The US will win 13 Gold Medals in the Summer Olympics.

6. Indiana Jones IV will break box office records.

7. The Iraq War will continue with little reduction in troop numbers.

8. Roger Federer will sweep all four Grand Slam events.

9. Sprint will merge with or be bought by a rival telcom company.

10. Denzel Washington will win an Oscar.
Hey.. at least I made you laugh.. or cry.. with a few of these.

What are your predictions for next year.. I promise not to throw a literary stone at your blog if you mispredict.. after all no one is saying "thus saith the Lord" J


  1. What a fun post! I predict that U2's will release a new CD which will become a number one hit and that they will announce a tour and I will be THRILLED about it.

    That's all I got.

  2. I predict that the Chicago Cubs will have an exciting couple of weeks during the summer but inevitably, by September 5th, the 10 pm news will show some sloshed fan raising a paper cup and saying "Wait until next year!"

    I like taking big chances in predictions...


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