My Favorite Super Bowl Ad

What was your favorite commercial?


  1. Poor Jimmy Fallon. He'll never get away from that. Ever.

    I liked the fire-breathing Bud Light commercial, as well as the Pepsi commercial with Justin Timberlake. I found those the most memorable.

    The Coke commercial with Bill First and James Carville was cute, too.

  2. Chris Kattan not Jimmy Fallon :)

    ..and yes.. poor Chris was missing his needed partner Will Ferrell :(

  3. I agree with the above - I laughed in delight when Chris Kattan showed up at the end of the commercial (yes, where was Will Ferrell?), and the fighting balloons were great, too. I missed the Justin Timberlake one, darn. He can be pretty funny.

    But that cellular phone commercial grew on me, too, with everybody billing and cooing together.

  4. Okay that was pretty darn funny. I think I missed the beginning of it.

    My faves, GIANT PIGEONS, the spider eating the lightning bug, flame breathing Bud, and the Rocky Clydesdale.



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