Due Diligence Giving

Here are a few excerpts from:
Is it Morally Right to Take Due Diligence Measures in Giving?
by Rodney Pitzer, CFE, Ministry Watch

It seems logical to take due diligence measures in giving. After all, the world is full of fakes, frauds, and scams. Almost every day the newspaper brings another story of a well-meaning donor who was taken advantage of. However, MinistryWatch.com regularly hears from Christians who object to our attempts to encourage ministries to be open and transparent in their financial dealings, or to encourage donors to be diligent in their stewardship responsibilities.

And rather than just reject their arguments, let’s look at them. We often hear, for example, that:

♦ It is not right for anyone to judge
♦ It is not Christian to be critical
♦ To examine a ministry is a waste of time & not trusting God & His guidance
♦ Stick to the Bible instead of man-made ideas

Since the objections are from a type of religious perspective, I will go directly to the Bible to answer them. But first, it must be noted that the objections do not stand up to logical scrutiny. After all, the argument that it is “not right to judge” is itself a judgment. A Christian who is critical of another for being critical is being – well, critical!

So the real question is HOW should we use the sound judgment and critical skills God has given us?

Rodney has 4 points about why donors should seek ministry information. They are summed up in the idea that the bible instructs us to acquire knowledge, act on knowledge, seek consultaion and spread knowledge. You can read all of Rodney's article here.

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