Splintered Conservatives

2/1 Update: With Giuliani and Thompson gone from the race it seems that moderate John McCain will be ushered in this (Super) Tuesday as the Republican candidate as conservatives splinter their votes between Huckabee and Romney.

11/27: Recent endorsements from national conservative leaders and celebrities:

Romney: David Keene (head of the American Conservative Union); Paul Weyrich (chairman of the Free Congress Foundation and former co-founder of the Moral Majority)

Giuliani: Pat Robertson (head of Christian Broadcasting Network)

Huckabee: Jerry Falwell Jr. (son of Moral Majority co-founder)

Thompson: National Right to Life

I know there are others.. too lazy to check.. let me know if you find other national conservatives.. yeah.. Falwell is a stretch. Anywho.. it should be interesting to see if splintered conservatives can have much of an impact in the Repbulican primaries.


  1. I think this situation will emphasize the early primaries. Whoever does well early will have the advantage of picking up the support of those who drop out.

    This bodes well for Romney and Huckabee. They are strong in Iowa, and NH tends to be more moderate anyway.

  2. Kansas Bob,

    You may have a point about conservatives splintering their votes. I know one thing...the media has made sure that the Democrats are becoming more and more united in a single vote. Obama will be taking many of Hillary's votes, it seems. The media has masterminded the American population, in large part, to fall in love with Obama.

    Unfortunately, I think our choice of candidates is becoming less and less palatable all the time.

    As far as Romney, I never even considered him, because I wouldn't want a cult member as President.

    Some people were saying that Huckabee was not as conservative as people thought. They may have been right, but in the debates, he came out as my personal favorite.

    With so many people being against Bush, especially because of the war, I think a lot of people are leaning to the other side now, just as a jerk reaction. People in general are so finicky, and the masses can be fooled so easily by a smooth talker.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Jeff.

    Not sure that I would give the media all that much credit.. I'd give President Bush more credit in alienating the voting public.

    I would be okay with Romney.. unlike McCain, I have heard Mitt talk about loving Jesus.. and he seems to be okay on the issues.

    I also liked Mike Huckabee.. also heard him say that he follows Jesus.. sad that he and Romney unwittingly conspired together to give McCain the nomination.

    Not sure that it about smooth talkng or simply about the ability to communicate.


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