Give Me A Break Aretha

On Tuesday, Aretha Franklin let everyone know her royal feathers were ruffled when Beyonce called Tina Turner "The Queen" before their joint performance Sunday at the Grammys. Franklin, who also performed at the ceremony, was sitting in the audience. Today, Beyonce's dad called Aretha's criticsim ridiculous. I agree.. come on Aretha.. give me a break!

So, watch this video and let me know who you vote for: Tina or Aretha?

For the record.. IMHO.. 68 year old Queen Tina yet reigns!


  1. Aretha is the Queen, no question about it, but Tina is "simply the best". I think Aretha needs to get over it.

  2. Personally, I never cared for Aretha. But, she has been the de facto Queen of Soul So, if Beyonce called Tina "Queen", that's OK. If she called her the Queen of Soul, that would be a faux pas. But, Aretha needs to go sit down somewhere. It's petty for her to even comment on it.

  3. Aretha's does not have a humble bone in her body. A body, which incidentally should never have been sporting that off the shoulder dress. She gives the word 'diva' the bad name it probably deserves. I used to really love Aretha. Her part in the Blues Brothers was awesome. Then I found out what an arrogant azz she was and I withdrew my admiration.


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