Best Sports Movies

I again watched The Natural last week and got to thinking about the best sports movies I have seen. Here is my short list:

Baseball: The Natural

Basketball: Hoosiers

Boxing: Rocky

Football: Brian's Song

Golf: Tin Cup

Hockey: Miracle

Horse Racing: Seabiscuit

Karate: The Karate Kid

Pool: The Hustler

Running: Chariots of Fire

Soccer: Bend It Like Beckham

Can you guess which one is my favorite? I gave you a pretty big hint. Reviewing these I can see a definite underdog theme in just about everyone one of these. Maybe that is what makes a good sports story?

Feel free to change or add to my list. I'm sure that I missed a few sports :)


  1. I like your list Bob, with one exception. I just don't understand why so many people list The Natural as the best baseball movie... i find it kinda hokey. Instead, perhaps Field of Dreams, League of Their Own, Pride of the Yankees, Bad News Bears... or my top pick, Bull Durham.

  2. Ed, I guess I like The Natural because of it's message.. a bit schmaltzy but I love the way it tells the story of a man who had lost his way and later in life found it again and was reunited with Baseball and a family he didn't know that he had.

    Alex, I guess poker is a sport in the same way that shooting pool is a sport. Next thing you know I'll be adding bowling to the list :)

  3. Radio
    Sea Biscuit
    The Hustler – a stretch
    Enter the Dragon – another stretch
    Chariots of Fire – the best
    Cinderella Man
    Brian's Song
    Slap Shot
    The Rookie
    The Natural
    Tin Cup
    Remember the Titans


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