Trump, Perot, the White House

This morning I heard Donald Trump say that he once rejected the presidential wooings of the Reform Party. It got me to thinking about another person who once had presidential aspirations - Reform Party founder and presidential nominee H. Ross Perot. Thought it might be fun to compare the two men in a rather abstract and uninformed way.
With that in mind I give you a Trump/Perot Rant:
    NBC/Wall Street Journal 04/04/11
  • Wealth: Both men are outrageously wealthy. The upside is that they might be a bit more independent and less beholding to campaign contributors. The downside is the idea that they are lone wolves buying the election.
  • Success: Both are entrepreneurs and have run successful businesses. They know what it is to set goals and achieve them. Not sure that this translates fully because the responsibilities of the Chairman of a company is not the same as that of the President who needs the cooperation of congress to get things done.
  • Outsider: Both of these guys have never held public office before. Hence they each have a following of people who are very upset with the antic of political insiders. If memory serves me correctly, the last real outsider to win the presidency was Eisenhower.
  • Personality: These guys are genuine originals - they seem to be cut from a different cloth. Both are wonderful fodder for Saturday Night Live skits. Trump will have a difficult time being taken seriously because of his TV show and antics like his fight with Rosie O'Donnell. Many people want a president who seems presidential.
What are your impressions of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate? Can you think of other bullet points for my rant? Do you think he would make a better GOP presidential candidate than the others shown in the NBC / Wall Street Journal's poll shown above?
Do you think one day America could tell him "You're hired"?


  1. Already have a great Facebook discussion going on. Here are a few excerpts from the dialog:

    + Wow. If I had to choose between Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, I really don't know which I would choose.

    + I'd take Perot in a heartbeat over Trump.

    + I am watching the Republican field with a sort of morbid fascination. There is no strong contender, from what I can see.

    + As much as I hate to say it, don't underestimate Trump. He may seem like an egotistical, buffoon with a bad hair-piece, but his well-crafted public persona hides a canny businessman. He has money, name-rec, and (as Bob mentioned) an outsider reputation.

    + None of the candidates in either of the parties impresses me at the moment. Hopefully that will change.

  2. NaderPaulKucinichGravelMcKinney
    perot ventura sheehan carter too




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