Solitary Memories

Back in my younger years I loved to listen to Neil Diamond. One of his musical refrains was "I'll be what I am. A solitary man." Not sure why but I am thinking this morning about the memories that belong to me alone. They are the ones that I share with people that I no longer have a relationship with.. my scary first prom dance.. my first kiss walking close to the Jersey Shore.. the loneliness I faced in high school.. the joys of bringing babies into our home.. and all of the memories I shared with loved ones who have passed away.

I think that the idea that we are making memories each day inspires me a bit. It causes me to want to talk about those memories with friends and loved ones while I still can. In a sense life is all about making and sharing memories. Photographs themselves are wrapped up in the idea that we want to remember the cherished times in our lives - it is why photos with people in them are more cherished than landscapes and skylines pics. Think about it. What is your favorite photo? Here is mine! I took it a few years ago in New Orleans. I loved how silly we were both back then.

I will spend a bit of time reminiscing with the beautiful gal in that photo today! Today is a good day to remember because not all memories are solitary ones.


  1. Thanks for this, Bob. It moved me.

  2. Cute photo. You are right. We have now and our memories. We need to value both.

  3. Very touching...Memories together, better than solitary ones.

    Picture is so must have been a joyous time.

  4. And with the digital cloud age, future generations can now share memories. My kids will be able to look at my facebook or my blog. My grandkids won't even have to interview me for some school report


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