Political Teasers

Just read that Ron Paul (R-TX), the GOP congressman with libertarian leanings, is expected to announce today in Des Moines that he's forming a presidential exploratory committee. Also read yesterday that Haley Barbour, Mississippi's Republican governor, announced that he was not running. And of course, to no one's surprise, Mitt Romney, one time governor of Massachusetts, formed a presidential exploratory committee a few weeks ago. I am so tired of all of this teasing.

Of course the real problem is that no one is really excited about any of these "announcements". Most of us see through all of the drama and understand that it is all a part of this weird preoccupation that the media, and political junkies like me, have about the candidates. Yet I would like to see something emerge on the national scene that resembles our recent mayoral election here in Kansas City where the candidates were deliberate, respectful and admirable. The campaign focused on issues instead of personalities.

I long to see a primary process that focuses on the many issues facing our country and not the farcical drama foisted upon us by the likes of teaser-candidates like Trump, Palin and Bachmann. I want to see serious candidates with serious answers come forth. I have grown tired of the extremist ideologies of the far left and the far right. I think that America is a right-leaning centrist nation in need of leaders who can work across the aisle and deal with the many weighty issues of our time. We do not need political teasers. Here endeth the rant.


  1. Are you saying Trump, Palin and Bachmann are not serious candidates?

  2. Serious to some Brian. No so serious to me.

  3. Presidential campaigns have turned too far towards celebrity showcases and popularity contests, and I agree that serious discussion of issues is missing. I still think the best candidates for America are living in obscurity somewhere, just waiting to come forth...

  4. @Matt - If we could just locate obscurity on the map. Wonder if it would be located in a red or blue state? :)


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