I relate to this thought provoking Shoebox Blog cartoon. What is interesting about it is that the white rabbit is the same in both frames. The only thing that changes is the other rabbit. His perspective is the same because it is all about his opinions about people who are different from him. His statements seem to represent a bit of insecurity. Most opinions do. Ever met someone like him?


  1. Yep, I've met him. I have to admit, I've been like him before as well. I've also been in the other two positions, destitute and well-to-do.

    Perspectives: Don't like yours? Get a new one. :)

  2. I know people like that, yes.

    I grew up with poor friends and we even went through a rough spot when Dad got laid off, so I don't recall ever acting the way the white rabbit does in the left panel. I can relate more the right panel, but only when people act like they are better because they have more money or are better educated.

  3. Yeah, I had lunch with a guy like that today ;). j/k

  4. So much can be learned from cartoons. This one is a good example.


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