The Best Thing about the Royal Wedding

Father Charles loaned his 42-year-old Aston Martin DB6 Volante MkII to the newlyweds.
The car, the main show for guys on an otherwise chick day, had been previously converted to run on bioethanol made from "English wine wastage" - of which there is no shortage.
Note the "JU5T WED" license plate and crazy "L" (for Learner) on the grill.


  1. The best part for me was when it was over. Now I wonder what kind of dribble we will have to listen to for the next year as they go through their first year together?

  2. I wouldn't call myself a royal watcher, but I've really enjoyed watching clips from this wedding. And I must admit I also got a good chuckle from watching Will and Kate riding in the convertible. May they be blessed with a long and deliriously happy marriage.

  3. Loved the "L" plate! Another example of Harry's humor.


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