66 Shelby Ford Mustang GT350 found in a Shed

You just never know what you are going to find when you clean out one of those old abandoned storage sheds. According to this report Bill Fair, a 40 year veteran auctioneer, found a 1966 Shelby Ford Mustang GT350 in a storage shed, about one hour from my place, in Lecompton, Kansas. Here is a clip from the article:
1966 Shelby Mustang found in a Shed
What Fair found was a classic 66 Shelby Mustang one of only 1,100 made, and sold from Carroll Shelby's personal car lot. The fastback was sitting in the middle of a huge pile of junk in a storage unit. It has been there 26 years and was in near perfect condition.

"In the middle of all the trash was a car," he said. Fair didn't really know what his company had just found. A little research showed that similar cars have sold for upwards of $2 million. Fair had been hired by a court-appointed attorney in working with the Texas attorney general's office to take over and clean out the building.
Apparently Fair has been offered $60,000 but the car, now sitting in San Antonio, is expecting to bring the state of Texas $200,000 at auction. Any takers?


  1. OK. I'm officially envious now.

  2. State auctions are known for selling of junk heaps, but this beauty is going to attract some high stakes bids. I just hope it's appreciated by whomever makes the winning bid!

  3. I love to hear stories like that. I'm always looking for valuable junk. It's my dream to find an antique at a yard sale and then go on Antiques Road Show to be told my find is worth a million $ :-)

  4. Wow! Beautiful! If I was rich...I would own that!

  5. you know alot of people now days would look at that car and say, its a nice car. young generation these days would take it and not care about it would'nt know or understand what they have. but you
    have an awsome car there. what an awsome find. i would'nt sell it. but at least it didnt end up going to waist. treat it like its ur kid. id like to see some more pics of it if possible. wendelbrandon#yahoo.com


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