Found this article titled Off-the-charts income gains for super-rich to be an interesting companion to this graph. Here is their conclusion:

One can argue about why this is happening. Some say it's the result of a decline in workers' bargaining power as labor unions have weakened, while others blame the rise of offshoring and outsourcing. But despite the best efforts of some commentators, there's really no serious debate about the overall realignment of income in our age: The already super-rich have vastly increased their share of the pie--at the expense of everyone else.

The term super-rich fascinates me. It is like being rich is really no big deal. Yet I have to wonder what causes one to move from rich (i.e. a millionaire) to super-rich (i.e. a billionaire). It doesn't seem that hard work or even luck can move you from rich to super-rich.

When I read about the heads of corporate industry, especially those on Wall Street, making millions of dollars in salary and bonuses I simply shake my head and long for the days when the salaries of average workers were not so far removed from their executive leaders.

I do wonder if the super-rich are merely beneficiaries of the American Dream or if they have somehow manipulated the dream into a nightmare for the average worker. Have those in power somehow rigged the game to be in their favor? What do you think?


  1. This is staggering. And sad. I think another reason we have more super rich people (and this is probably a very unpopular thing to say but I will risk it) is that professional athletes make millions of dollars these days. I don't think that's always been the case has it? Same with celebrities. I used to watch the show "Cribs" and was always blown away by the mansions with the many sports cars and insanely expensive decor, etc. that were owned by young rap artists or basketball players or skateboarders....I could not live like that with a clear conscious unless I knew I was giving a huge chunk away to people who were struggling to pay their rent and put food on the table.

  2. I too am saddenned by this Barbara. The wealth and prosperity of this country is being sucked in by a few... many of whom are driven by the desire to accumulate more.

    Thanfully, true peace and true joy are not linked to wealth.


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