The Need for Speed

I clipped this image from the front page of USA Today. The image came with this poll:

"How Would You Describe Your Driving?"
  1. Hard-core speeder
  2. Sometimes speeder
  3. Speed-law observer
  4. Not sure

Once upon a time (when I was single) I think that I would have answered 1.2.. not sure that I was hard-core but I did speed a lot. I remember how difficult it was to stay under 70mph when I lived in Texas and Mexico.. all that desert and no one to be seen for miles and miles.. once I did get pulled over in Mexico doing 90mph.. and was decelerating at the time.

In my middle-years I think that my poll answer would have been 2.. especially when I was on a long trip to see my family back east. I think that my driving habits back then were reflective of my Type-A personality.. I always had my watch set 5 minutes ahead back then.. I had places to go and people to see.. and I was so important.

These days I think that I would answer the poll with a 2.9. I usually observe the speed limit but occasionally catch myself going a few miles over the posted limit. I guess I am just not in that much of a hurry to get where I am going.

How would you have answered the poll? Have you slowed down since your youth?


  1. I'm a 1 here in Japan, simply because the posted speeds are ridiculously low. The speed limit on highways is 45 miles per hour, and the speed limit on regular roads is 25 miles per hour. I just can't drive that slow. Fortunately, no one else does, either, and I don't personally know anyone who has ever been pulled over for speeding in Japan. When I'm in Tennessee I observe the speed limit for the most part.

  2. I used to be a hard-core speeder but only on limited access highways. Now I drive 5-7 mph over the speed limit (most are 55, a few are 65) on limited access highways.

    I never speed on other roads, yet I find that the other roads, in residential and commercial areas, are much more dangerous because most people speed, run stop signs and traffic lights and they are more distracted and rushed.

  3. Just wanted to say a very Happy Birthday to you Bob. I hope the day is special.


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