Favorite President Poll Results

Thanks to the twenty-four folks that took my favorite recent president poll. Here are a few observations that I took away from it:
  • You all are so politically diverse. The vote was dead even between the democratic and republican presidents given that I voted for the first President Bush.
  • Neither President Bush was popular when compared to President Reagan. 
  • Republican nostalgia seemed a bit present.. even I pine for those good old Reagan days.
  • President Obama is the most popular among democrats but not in the same way that President Reagan is among republicans. Maybe he will be in a few years?
I do wonder how Independents voted. I think of myself as one of those indie folks - but I did vote for the GOP candidate in most of the last nine presidential elections. Maybe I am only an IINO but I don't think that I have ever been a RINO.

What are your thoughts about the poll? Any surprises? Want to change your vote?

Please take my new First Lady poll on my sidebar.. seems like an appropriate way to honor first moms on Mother's Day.


  1. Wow. Poor George W. Folks seem to have some real issues with him. I've got to say he seems better to me now when I compare him to our current president than he did to me when he was in office. I wonder if I'll like Obama better after he's no longer in the White House?

  2. Please take my new First Lady poll.. seems an appropriate way to honor Mother's Day.

  3. Clinton for me .... I'm off to vote for my First Lady - Laura Bush, now theres a weddin!! - Bill marries Laura.


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