Calvin Borel Does It Again

He did it again.. Calvin Borel won the Kentucky Derby for the third time in the last four years riding 15/1 favorite, Super Saver, across the finish line today. Simply amazing.

Congrats to the reigning king of the jockeys.


  1. Simply amazing is right. He is obviously very good at picking his mounts and steering them to the right spot!

  2. He rode a great race. Maybe we'll see a Triple Crown this year.

  3. Didn't even know horses liked to wear Derbies or even wanted one, let alone run after it.

    There must be a shortage in Kentucky if they only have one Derby that everybody is running after.

    Sorta reminds me of a K-Mart Blue light special, when that flashing light comes on, you better get out of the way of those ladies. And it doesn't matter if there from Kentucky or not!

  4. I have no idea about horses and how much of an impact a Jockey has on the horse, but it sounds like he is a stud.


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