Art Linkletter, 1912-2010

This dear television icon passed away at his home in California yesterday. I will always remember him as the wonderful gentleman who interviewed children.. a segment from his "People are Funny" show that became known as "Kids Say the Darnedest Things". To honor Mr Linkletter I give you some of those darnedest things:

Have you ever been in love?
No, but I've been in like.

My father's a schoolteacher.
That's a fine profession. Does he like it?
He only has one thing to complain about.
What's that?
The kids.

What did your mommy tell you not to say?
My mother told me not to tell any of the family secrets, like the time she dyed her hair blonde and it came out purple.

Any brothers or sisters?
Would you like some?
Sure, I'm lonesome.
What does your mother say when you ask for one?
She just groans.

(Little girl, asked about her pets): I used to have a duck but it ran away. Then I had a turtle, but my father stepped on it. Then I had three goldfish, but my sister put water softener in their bowl and they softened to death.

What would you like to be?
A stewardess.
What if a plane was in danger over the Rocky Mountains?
I'd put parachutes on everybody and if there wasn't any parachutes I'd sew up sheets into parachutes real fast and put in extra pillows so if the sheets ripped on the way down, they could always land on the pillows.

You can find other kid stories here. Please join me in praying for the Linkletter family.


  1. Oh Bob, Art Linkletter was such a special man. I loved when TV was fun and clean. His show was one of the best.
    I remember him telling a little boy he was interviewing he was sure wearing nice slacks. The little boy replied, Mom said I better now get them dirty, cause she was taking them back to
    Sears tomorrow!

    Gotta love it!

  2. I enjoyed him tremendously. I saw the news articles yesterday on his passing. I didn't realize he was 97.

  3. I didn't realize he was that old either. His TV shows were always so much fun...good clean fun.

  4. This is one of the TV shows I recall my mom watching when I was a very little girl. I learned to love him simply because she did. (Isn't that just like a kid?)

  5. I have two memories of Mr. Linkletter:

    1) "Kids Say the Dardnest Things" was on when I was a little kid and I LOVED it

    2) One of his children committed suicide by jumping out a window. That haunted me as a child knowing that because I could not understand why someone with such a great dad would do I get it


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