First Lady Popularity - not like their husbands

Consider the results of my two recent polls and how differently people feel about our recent presidents and their wives:

Firstly, I have to say that I have extended the sidebar First Lady voting a few days so please vote away if you have not already. I would love to see if the trend is different with a few more ballots cast. Here are a few questions I had as I watched the votes come in:
  • How can Ronald Reagan be so popular and Nancy not?
  • How can Laura Bush be so popular and her husband not?
  • Is Hillary Clinton still as unpopular as she was in the 90s?
  • Is the role of the First Lady that important to people?
Sometimes I want to return to the days of Camelot when the Kennedys lived in the White House and first lady Jackie wowed everybody. I was a young teen back then and the White House seemed to be such a magical place. Alas, those days are long gone and images of the cynical Watergate days still seem to occasionally overshadow Washington.

I am interested in your thoughts about the role of the First Lady. When you think about past first wives do you think that they have been an asset or liability to their husbands?


  1. Not being a democrat, I would take Jack Kennedy and his type of democrat over Mr. Obama anyday.

  2. wonder what would happen if you included Jackie Kennedy in that list :D

  3. Ladybird Johnson and Pat Nixon?


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