Conspiracy Theories

Once a month I get together with some great guys at something we call Colloquy.. a term that is from the Latin word colloquium and is defined as "discussion" or "conversation". Last night we began by talking about conspiracy theories. One guy began by saying that he is a died in the wool "birther" and doesn't believe that our president was born in Hawaii.. and yes, these folks do exist.. and no, I am not one of them. Our discussion got me to thinking about some of the other theories that have floated around out there.. here are a few:
  • New World Order: I have been around this one for a long time. It comes from some passages from the biblical book of Revelation and is wrapped around the idea that the whole earth will one day be ruled by an Antichrist figure. The theory is replete with current day rumors about the Illuminati, Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Affairs. I guess only time will tell.
  • JFK Assassination: Central to this theory is the claim that the injuries received by President Kennedy and Governor Connally could not have been caused by a lone gunman behind the motorcade and to the right. See Oliver Stone for more details.
  • Skull & Bones: This Yale University fraternity is often thought of as being a secret society producing many financial and political leaders who have control or seek to gain control of the world. See Presidents Bush and Senator Kerry for more info.
  • UFOs and Area 51: The popular X-Files TV show was based in part on this whole idea that extraterrestrials exist and are in cahoots with powerful humans to dominate the world. Ask me about my trip to Saturn some time.
  • Apollo Moon Landings: This theory purports that man did not walk on the moon but these flights were "staged" in a Hollywood movie or other studio because they never happened. I think Buzz Aldrin might have been a bit buzzed in 1969.
  • Elvis Sightings: This one is probably my favorite. Since his death in 1977 several theories have developed suggesting that the King is still alive. I think that he probably stole President Obama's birth certificate.
Do you have a favorite conspiracy theory? Care to share it?

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