Another GOP leader bows to El Rushbo

Isn't it interesting how Republicans are acknowledging the leadership of a radio entertainer these days? reports this response to this 30 second video:

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele says he has reached out to Rush Limbaugh to tell him he meant no offense when he referred to the popular conservative radio host as an “entertainer” whose show can be “incendiary.”

“My intent was not to go after Rush – I have enormous respect for Rush Limbaugh,” Steele said in a telephone interview. “I was maybe a little bit inarticulate. … There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership.”
It is becoming increasingly clear that the Obama administration is probably correct in their identification of El Rushbo as the leader of the GOP. Just gotta wonder who he will anoint in 2012.


  1. "Isn't it interesting how Republicans are acknowledging the leadership of a radio entertainer these days?"

    Why not? No one else is stepping up. Steele needs to get it in gear.
    Besides, I find it ironic that you're posting this video with DL Hughley (an entertainer!) commenting and questioning Michael Steele!
    Rush's audience is huge compared to all the mainstream, liberal media.
    Besides...didn't America vote an actor in as president a few years back? ;-)

  2. idk karen, comparing rush and RR seems like a diservice to our former president. i certainly hope that the republicans can do better than the mastermind of 'operation chaos'.

  3. I am all about irony Karen :)

    I take it that you are a Rush Limbaugh fan/listener? I respect your opinions a lot and would enjoy reading (either here or at your place) about why you like him.

    I used think that he is entertaining because of his interactions with callers but don't think so any more.

  4. I forgot about "operation chaos" Ed. One of the commenters on my chaos post thought Rush had sunk to Jerry Springer lows with that one.

  5. Ed, there was much disdain about RR back in the day, too. History is always kinder.
    KB, actually, I do listen to Rush from time to time, but I'm not that big of a fan. He's very smart and adept at pointing out the nonsense, double standards, hypocrisy, that exist in politics and I like that. Extremes exist on both sides. But, extremes are what make some of us live in the middle. I can make the same kinds of claims about the ridiculousness of Maddow, Olbermann, and Matthews. They annoy me so much more than Rush. Journalism is dead.
    My point is that Rush's audience is about 20 mil or so....compared to 1or 2 mil for any of the mainstream lib stuff.
    Why do you think that is?

  6. I think that a lot of people watch American Idol.. more than listen to Rush.. but I don't pay much attention to what Simon says.. he (like Rush) is just playing his role on the show.. they both make a lot of money doing what they do.

    Have you ever thought about Rush's views on women? Some of the things attributed to him seem to be disparaging of women.

  7. "I think that a lot of people watch American Idol.. " Around 37 mil, in fact,...and that is a very sad thing, but doesn't answer the question as to why so many would listen to Rush. The fact that people are listening to news, talk radio, and commentaries, besides silly TV, gives me hope.

    What are the things attributed to him that are disparaging of women? I haven't heard, and in the times I have listened to him, I've never heard anything out of his mouth that was bad about women.I think he was very supportive about Palin. I think you're trying to bait me. :-)

    I'm grateful for diversity of political commentary even if the President tells me not to listen.

  8. I think that people listen to Rush for the same reasons that they listen to Simon Cowell.. he is opinionated and controversial.

    He may have a high view of women.. I have read some of his negative quotes about women but maybe they were just taken out of context.

  9. I love Simon.

    Am I out of the loop? When did DL Hughley get his own news show?

    I can't make anything out of this conversation since it cuts in and out. No context = dangerous conclusions. :)

    It does seem the GOP is having growing pains, as they should. It's a great time to grow when your responsibility is low. You really think Rush is the boss? I don't know anyone up here that listens to him - but I am in "Independent" country.

  10. Not sure if Rush is the boss Missy.. but he does seem to be in the drivers seat.. at the moment.

    Are there many conservatives where you are Missy?

  11. If anyone is interested I just came across a discussion of Rush over at Jesus Creed..

  12. Here is one of those comments that verbalizes my thinkings pretty well:

    "Rush may well espouse conservative ideals, but he does so in a way that is inherently divisive. Most political commentators do the same - their livelihood is dependent on the polarization between political conservatives and liberals. Sadly, whatever good ideas they may have are ultimately cheapened by the fact that their entire approach lowers the level of political discourse in our country by constantly demonizing and ridiculing those who think differently than they do."

  13. Hate to add something else but one of the folks over at Jesus Creed mention Oprah.. got me to thinking.. she is probably the 'liberal' alternative to Rush.. and her viewership is probably larger than Rush.

  14. KB, it seems to me that most people I have met here are fiscal conservatives/social liberals.

  15. Bob, not sure that Oprah analogy works for me... the issues with Rush are not his political views, the issue is his hatefulness. Not sure if Oprah ever told a black caller to "take the bone out of your nose and call back later". She never called feminists "ugly women looking for attention".

    He mocked Michael J Fox's Parkinson disease, gays, Mexicans, soldiers he doesn't agree with, etc, etc.

    Many people list to him because he is a valid voice of the conservative movement. But I imagine he also thrives because we live in a hateful world... and he validates many racist and prejudice opinions.

  16. I find Hughley, Matthews, Maddow, and Olbermann just as offensive with their diatribes, preaching, judgments, divisiveness and anti-Christian speech; and Oprah, as well, with her "holier than everyone" attitude--her methods are insidious---at least Rush Limbaugh isn't on mainstream TV pushing his agenda as the gospel like all of the afore mentioned.
    If he is so offensive, why give him attention? Do what I do with the folks I mentioned. I turn them off.

  17. heh Bob, the gloves are coming off for this one! guess that's why Rush is so popular -- he incites discuss and passion. Good for him.

    Karen, just so you know for future reference, you can dis Matthews and Olbermann any time you want. But Rachel Maddow is close to my heart!

  18. Ed, you know I love ya...but....Rachel...bleh!


  19. Well, if Rush was the leader of the GOP, McCain never would have been the nominee, and the election wouldn't have been a landslide. Here's hoping the GOP will pick a real conservative in 2012.

  20. First off - I love the new header.

    Secondly - Rush while you like or not does have incredible influence. It doesn't mean he can't be criticized.

    Thirdly - All I think that Steele did was cave to liberal talking points. Doesn't anyone think the Rush vs. Obama battle is ridiculous? I mean really? Our President doesn't have anything better to do? If President Bush spent time doing battle with every media type who criticized him he wouldn't get anything done.

    Fourth - Steele has made a couple of big blunders. He needs to do less talking to the MSM and more time fundraising and working on grassroots efforts.

    Fifth - what makes Rush so influential is that your average conservative thinks he's speaking for them (as far as points/content, not necessarily presentation).

    Steele needs to avoid catering to Democrat talking points which is exactly what he did when he bashed Rush. No reason to go there.

    Conservatives need to stop bloodletting all the way around.

    At least until the primaries ;).

  21. Guess we will have to agree to disagree on El Rushbo Shane.. I think that he is simply not as influential as folks think he is.. he is just an entertainer like Oprah.. only not as influential.

    Steele needs to find his way in all of this and bring some unity to the GOP.. the kowtowing to Limbaugh is embarrassing for the party.


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