When the world went mad..

Got this in my email inbox this week.. it is a good reminder of what can happen when evil rules the day. It reminds me of this quote credited to Edmund Burke:

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."


  1. I have always been intrigued by Burke's quote about doing nothing in the face of evil...but...as I have gotten older and "hopefully a bit wiser" I have also noticed how "some" use this quote to manipulate and rally others around their own selfish causes. Stand against evil, we must, but, let us do so in fear and trembling and never lose sight of the potential evil within our own souls...

  2. I just showed an Anne Frank documentary to some 5th grade Hispanic kids. They had a tough time understanding what was happening. They thought it had happened here, and my limited Spanish was put to the test.
    It was interviews with people who knew the Franks, and some that helped them. Intriguing insight into the lives of all of these people during that time.Miep Gies, who hid them and provided food for them, is still alive! 100 years old! I also didn't realize that Otto, Anne's dad, survived and lived til 1980. This was some documentary. Made in 1995.
    I have a hard time watching Holocaust stuff, but I am so glad movies like that are here to remember what happened.

  3. Amazing how soon we forget. This is exactly what Israel is now doing to the Palestinians. Of course there are some differences the Palestinians don’t have the tattoo’s and they are making meager attempts to fight back.

  4. I checked out the link that you sent me Karen.. I loved it.. that letter reminded me of what the high school student did in Freedom Writers.. the true story of Long Beach California teacher Erin Gruwell.

  5. Miep Gies has occupied my thoughts these last few days. What an inspiration, too. Can't stop thinking about her. She marched into the Gestapo office to plead for the Franks and the dentist...the officer told her he couldn't do anything for her..so she told him she wanted to speak to his superior! What courage!
    I need to check out Freedom Writers..sad to say I haven't seen it.


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