Prolife Senators Support Sebelius Nomination

President Barack Obama nominated pro-choice Governor Kathleen Sebelius this week as secretary of Health and Human Services - the most powerful cabinet position for the lives of unborn babies. Unfortunately and sadly Kansas’ two Republican senators, Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, have said they will support the governor's nomination. The last I looked both of these guys (especially Sam) claim to be pro-lifers.

I guess this is just another example of how politicians really just give lip service to unborn babies. Wake up pro-lifers and stop believing the rhetoric coming from these politicians. Of course I am sure that staunch pro-life senators like John McCain will lead the charge to block this nomination.. and if you believe that I have a bridge in Kansas to sell you. Guess it is just a sad day to be a Kansan.


  1. Bob ~~ We are living in the saddest of all times.... I only hope this will be a wake up call for all of us to STAND UP FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE I believe that unborn fetus is of eternal value!!


  2. Really sad. Brownback's reasoning is that it will keep his senate seat in Republican hands. Silly, if you ask me, considering the damage that Sebelius can do as secretary of Health and Human Services.

  3. these goons favor their party politics and allegiance to "kansas" more than principe.

  4. I saw Huckabee the other night. He keeps a picture of a little girl in his wallet..she was a frozen embryo for 5 years.
    I guess I don't understand how the lies have been believed. There was no ban on stem cell research using stem cells from other sources. And there ARE other sources.


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