Kansas Late-Term Abortionist Aquitted

A jury in Wichita acquitted late-term abortion doctor George Tiller of 19 abortion-related charges Friday. Here is a clip from his testimony in that trial:
Under questioning from Assistant Atty. Gen. Barry Disney, Tiller said that he charges $6,000 for abortions of fetuses that are "viable," or able to live outside the womb. He performs 250 to 300 such abortions a year, he said, and about 30% of his gross income is profit.
Yeah.. this is one of the sadder times to be a Kansan.. actually a sad time to be a human.. I really don't have much else to say.

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  1. Hi Bob,
    I saw your post on another preacher's blog. I write a Bible based Journal that also helps other disabled combat Veterans navigate the corrupt VA and Gov't system. I have MANY relation in the Hays, KS area where my dad was born and raised on a beef and wheat farm. I hope you will visit me soon.

    Tom S


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