I don't do this very often (I probably should) but today I want to recommend you to Altered.. a blog by my new cyber-friend Jill Hollis (pictured below). A wonderful gal that has ALS and is saying some of the greatest things these days.. here is a sample:
Early in my diagnosis a wise friend shared that observation with me. As I progress and adjusting becomes increasingly difficult, I am less perky. And I am okay with that. I just checked again to make sure. Perkiness is not a fruit of the Spirit.
But now all I can think about are things that I used to do - without help. Like walk outside every single morning - just the unbelievably awesome feeling of being outside at 6 in the morning. I miss it so much sometimes. Or get in the car and drive myself - anywhere I wanted to go. Plant flowers. Walk out to the mailbox. Play Kickball. I am not athletic, but that was my sport :) Drive to the beach. Walk on the Appalachian Trail with my son.
As he spoke to me his eyes filled with tears. He said he was sorry. No, my friend - no apology. I am grateful for your love and sharing in our sadness.
I am scared. Of everything related to ALS. But also, and this is huge, really really huge for me to admit this...... That people will think less of me if I share negatively. I am sad. A lot. Will the tears ever stop? I am negative. Thoughts bombard my mind of my inability to handle this. I worry. At this particular moment, the list is long. I struggle with my humanness taking over.
I so appreciate Jill's courageous and inspirational heart.. I love her transparency and vulnerability.. and I am glad that I found her blog.. I recommend it to you.. add it to your blog reader. Click here and leave Jill an encouraging comment.