Pulpit Teleprompters

As I was reflecting on my Obama teleprompter post I had a thought about how Billy Graham memorized his sermons and how similar that is to using a teleprompter.. and I started wondering how most pastors, priests or rabbis deliver their messages.

I am not a great speaker.. when I do speak (occasionally these days at our local jail) I use an outline and generally speak extemporaneously from notes in my outline.. I spend quite a bit of time preparing but leave room for a bit of inspiration as I speak. Tuesday I am using a few songs to help communicate my thoughts about Jesus healing broken hearts. I also like to use an over head projector to help narrate my message.. check out my delivery style here.

I have seen folks deliver teachings via memorization, outline and pure unprepared extemporanious speech. I generally prefer folks who are neither too rigid (aka teleprompter) nor too loose (aka unprepared). How does your minister deliver their message? Do they weave technologies like overhead projection, music and video into their presentation? What is your preference?


  1. Our pastor uses all of the above. He's casual but has notes which he refers to but by the time we 9hubby and I) hear him he has already done it 3 times. (2 on Sat. and one at 8:15) ours at 9:45 and the last at 11:30.
    There is lots of video clips and usually a funny bit or two. Good solid Bibical based teaching. So much packed in that lots of times I am out of breath by the end. There are sermon notes which we fill in that are up on the screen too. Sat./Sun, attendence is about 13,000 or more. God is good and is turning this area up side down for Him. Bayside is often called the church for people who don't like church.

  2. I'll come back to your message a little later my com is running way slow - but the few minutes I heard and saw ... well, it was great getting to see you and hear you!!!


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