Government Workers

You know this is true :(

In a related story.. have you ever thought about how much our government workers are making these days? Here are some stats on air traffic controllers.
Median wages (2007) $54.29 hourly, $112,930 annual
Employment (2006) 25,000 employees
Projected growth (2006-2016) Average (7% to 13%) Average (7% to 13%)
Projected need (2006-2016) 9,000 additional employees
Controllers are government employees that are trained on the job by the government and these positions don't seem to have a predetermined educational requirement.

Ever wonder how government salaries are set? And what about those folks in congress that always seem to vote themselves raises and need 20-30 staff members to function as a legislator? Do you think we will see any federal government employees laid off? I doubt we will.. government seems to be one of the sectors where employment seems to be growing.


  1. I used to be pretty hard line on congressional pay until one of my teachers, a navy captain that spent his career in the pentagon explained life the financial costs to being a congressman, such as the need for two residencies. Other than that, I agree.

  2. I just heard that a bunch of guys in our state office here got caught doing all sorts of stuff like this, one even used state funds to pay for a private jet and tickets to Justin Timberlake!!! Arnie better get those guys in line!

  3. @jrchaard - no need to have two houses.. I am sure we can find some government housing for those in congress.. or some marine barracks :)

    @Barbara - methinks the governator needs to get busy.

  4. (I gave you a blog award at WFIO)


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