If I captioned this cartoon I would probably use the word "superficiality" somewhere in the caption. I think that few of us really "know" each other.. it took me the longest time to get to know my neighbor's names.. I still can't remember one of them - and I shared coffee with him last August.

People tell me that folks 'knew' each other back in the old days.. but I doubt that they really 'knew' each other. I think that our success oriented culture makes it hard for folks to drop their guard and let people in.. this is especially true for men. I think that women probably know each other better we guys do.. but I am not sure.

What do you think keeps us on superficial levels of relationship?


  1. Fear that we won't be accepted and that people will see our flaws. Every thing pushes us to be perfect or what we perceive as perfect.
    Did you get your new camera? If so what did you finally decide upon?

  2. Air conditioning. Small families. Having your children not play outside.

    I'm not kidding. Shutting off the flow of life and noise from and between houses, on blocks, in neighborhoods, is deadening.

  3. What do you think keeps us on superficial levels of relationship?

    Too occupied with self.

  4. I agree with everything everyone has already said and would add that the nature of work in the modern world is also a contributing factor. When I come home from work I really don't want to engage too many people because it requires energy and time two things I don't have much of at the end of the day.

  5. Fear. Fear that everyone will know that we don't have it all together. Judgment.
    I'm more open on my blog than I am in "real" life with most face-to-face people. I figure blog friends won't gossip about me.

  6. Not really listening to the answer when you ask someone politely, "How are you?"

    I learned the weight of that when I moved here, knowing not one person. People yearn for openness, but they won't waste it on someone who won't listen.

  7. ... and sexist, those skirts are really short. (sorry, Bob, it was irresistable)

  8. I alway like the line from a Jackson Browne song, from Late for the Sky, it sings, "maybe people only ask you how you're doing, because its easier than lettin' on how little they really care".


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