Pragmatic Conservatism

A few thoughts from Beau Weston on what it means to be a centrist, a liberal and a conservative:
A centrist wants to promote what is best for society, tolerate what is good enough, and prevent what is harmful.

Conservatives want to promote what is best for society, and prevent everything else.

Liberals want to promote all options (except the truly dangerous ones) as equally good.

If your first reaction to this is, “Who is to say what is best?” you are a probably a liberal.

If your first reaction to this is, “Why settle for mediocrity?” you are probably a conservative.
I guess I am a bit of a pragmatic conservative. I think the pragmatist in me causes me to express my conservative ideology in ways that seem to be realistic and practical. Sometimes this looks more like the leanings of a centrist but I don't think that I would qualify under Weston's definition.


  1. Mr. Weston fancies himself a centrist, I think.

  2. Good point Karen.. his blog is subtitled "Faith and Family for Centrists"

  3. If your first reaction is that Beau Watson doesn't have a clue what he's talking about, you are probably me.


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