WWW: Cryogenics

In this edition of Weird World Wednesday, I submit to you this Associated Press article:
LOS ANGELES – A spokeswoman for Simon Cowell says reports that the "American Idol" judge wants to be frozen after death are greatly exaggerated. Cowell was making a tongue-in-cheek remark at a dinner in London two weeks ago with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and other guests, spokeswoman Lisa Dallos said Tuesday.

But the cryogenics comment that Dallos said was meant as a joke was trumpeted in a number of news reports as a serious plan by Cowell, a music industry executive and TV producer ("America's Got Talent," Britain's "The X Factor").
The subject of cryogenics is a strange one because it assumes that the human soul or spirit will freeze in time along with the human body. I mean really.. does anyone think that preserving our bodies with liquid nitrogen will save us.. maybe we have all been watching too much Star Trek.


  1. Do you think Khan Noonan Singh have a soul?

  2. of course it will work! haven't you seen Vanilla Sky?


  3. because it assumes that the human soul or spirit will freeze in time along with the human body.

    does it......??

    would anyone who follows Christ be interested or in the research of it...and please understand I am simply asking??

  4. Becky, I am interested - especially in any research that can track the workings of a soul. I do have an opinion that physical death is a requirement to severing flesh from soul, but no scientific research to prove it.

    Maybe this can "save" you (as in preserve) - but that's not the kind of salvation I want.

  5. Simon frozen?! How would we tell?

  6. @Alex - Khaaaaaaaaan!

    @Stephanie - yes I did see Vanilla Sky.. what a weird flick.. even for Tom.

    @Becky - I guess it depends what freezing means.. is one really alive if the heart is not beating and the brain is not functioning?

    @Missy - Don't want that salvation either.

    @Karen - LOL.. good question!


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