Ash Wednesday

Today marks the first day of Lent on the Christian calendar. It is a time when many ask the "What shall I give up for Lent?" question. 

I have been thinking about it for the past week or so and think that I will fast sorrow and embrace joy. Are you fasting anything for Lent?


  1. I remember going to "Mass" on Ash Wed. to get the cross of ashes on my forehead. Haven't done that in about....30 years.

    I am gong to give up worrying for Lent (and ice-cream).

  2. I think Barb has a good idea for me to build on - maybe I can give up USING ice cream to soothe anxiety.

  3. We are thinking on what to give up.

    The boy has offered his homework.
    I could give up dusting. Wait I’ve done that from the way things look.

    We can’t decide so we are taking something up. Bible verses, everyone will pick one to read for discussion.

  4. I really hadn't thought about it, but I do think embracing joy is a good goal. I think I will do that too.

  5. I really like your idea of fasting and embracing!!

    I usually make my Bible reading and devotions on the Life of Christ, his death burial and resurrection at this time.

    For years I juice fasted Holy Week, I made do that again this year.


  6. we so often forget to embrace joy -- what a wonderful gift that will be to you and everyone you encounter.

  7. Isaiah 58 has a very interesting take on fasting. It takes the focus off me and my perceived problems. I usually try to incorporate an idea from this passage.


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