Brownback Calls Out Pelosi - Not!

The following is part of a letter that was allegedly mailed out from the office of Kansas Senator Sam Brownback.

As expected.. at the bottom of the letter you can read this:

I did a bit of checking on this.. after all Sam is one of my senators.. and found this on

Brownback spokesman Brian Hart told the National Catholic Reporter, “Our chief of staff ... had never seen, heard of or approved it,” suggesting the letter was entirely unauthorized.

Hart, who didn’t return our requests for comment, told the magazine that Brownback’s Senate staff has “reached out to both the organization responsible and the mail house [responsible for printing and distributing the letter] and directed them not to use Sam Brownback’s name, signature, likeness or representation in any way moving forward and expressed that we are not pleased with the content of the letter.”

But Brownback’s chief of staff, Glen Chambers, painted a slightly different version of events in an e-mail to Catholic Advocate founder Deal Hudson, who provided it to POLITICO.

“As I mentioned to you on the phone, I think we’ve gotten to the bottom of the confusion over the mail piece,” Chambers wrote. “Neither the senator nor I had seen the letter or were aware of it. I figured out that you did get permission to use his name on the piece from a former campaign staffer in February of last year.”
I am sure that Sam will think twice in the future when he deals with faith and prolife advocacy groups. It is a good reminder for us all that the faithful do not always act in good faith.. especially when money is involved.

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