Will I recognize you in Heaven?

Whenever I hear anyone talk about heaven they seem to speak to the idea that there will be a great reunion there with loved ones who have preceded them in death. I am not sure they would be able to tell you why they believe that they will recognize those who they knew on earth. Our pastor, Adam Hamilton, wrote an answer to the question "Will I be Married in Heaven?" and began by saying:
"Jesus indicated that people will no longer marry in heaven. This concept seems disturbing to many who are happily married but may be a great source of relief to those who have struggled in their marriages!"
That answer is such a hoot! Guess it is all a matter of perspective. The question does beg the bigger question of whether we will actually be able to recognize each other in the afterlife. I feel that we will. My thinking is based on the idea that many knew Jesus after his resurrection - there was something unique about him that people could sense. Likewise I feel that each of us possess a uniqueness that will stay with us after we die. But I could be wrong.

How would you answer the question posed in the title? Please share.


  1. Certainly.

    Lazarus knew the rich man and vice versa. Moses and Elijah were clearly known. Most of all, though, the thought of disappearing into a melting pot is clearly seen in many religions except our own. Nowhere does God indicate a melting pot mentality. There are names in the Lamb's Book of Life, and each of us will receive a secret name.

    I was a member of a group that dabbled with the melting pot perspective on the church. I was glad to find after a little research they were just channeling Hinduism.

  2. Great stuff Kevin! I wonder if the disciples instinctively knew these people (Moses and Elijah) who they had never met or if Jesus told the disciples who they were?


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