Hacker Fiction vs Reality

This revealing cartoon from the How-To Geek reminds me how I am often amused at the ways that computer technology is represented in cinema and television. I have of often LOLed at the ways that hackers and other geeks access highly complex computer systems. The ways that they figure out userids and passwords really amuses me.
CNBC offers six ways to protect yourself from hacking:

      1) Don't use the same passwords.
      2) Don't use the same security questions.
      3) Be aware your online shopping history.
      4) Share less about your whereabouts online.
      5) Never click a link/attachment) in a suspicious email.
      6) Read the fine print and prevent sharing of your info.

Check out the whole article here. Also, remember to use an anti-malware program, regularly change your passwords and possibly even use a password manager like LastPass. Be safe out there in cyberspace.

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